Basic Orange Personal Fitness

Mini Class

- small fitness class containing 2 to 4 people
- each class is half an hour because anyone can exercise half an hour
- only $25 per person.  Affordable and fun, designed for you
- mix of boxing, kickboxing, circuits.  All training is done on boxing bags for your safety
- suitable for all ages, all fitness levels

How does it work?
- you get together between 2 and 4 people, and we'll set up a class for you: Stokes Valley studio in the morning, Lower Hutt studio in the afternoon/evening
- you decide how long your class runs:  one-off, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, whatever suits your style
- Classes run Monday to Friday depending on availability

Mini Class Prices  
Half hour class $25 per person

Note:  classes are payable in advance.  They are not refundable if you don't show up.