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I enjoy exercising and playing sport, but I have been challenged by a chronic pain condition for more than two decades and a couple of major injuries. I first signed up with Claudia as a means of trying to get regular exercise into my week as I was struggling on my own. It soon became apparent that Claudia’s approach offered me a lot more than other trainers. Claudia researched my medical conditions and designed my programmes to accommodate all the challenges. I have developed a high level of trust in Claudia as she is able to immediately recognise when my technique is not correct or if the exercise is causing a problem. Claudia has readily adapted my training programmes to my fluctuating health and I have even managed to exercise while I was in a moon boot and on crutches. We now have a varied routine that I can do in a chair or on a Swiss ball. Claudia also recognises when it is time to challenge me and has gone out of her way to create more variety in my routine. Claudia’s exercise programme is an integral and critical component to my rehabilitation, future well-being and on-going maintenance. I am very grateful that I found her!
Suzanne K.

I initially met with Claudia mid-2014 after I had a back operation and we talked about and made a plan for my recovery. She listened carefully to me and each week tailor made a programme that suited me. Two years on I have made a full recovery and the pain I had when I started has gone. Claudia is always mindful of my back when I am exercising and always encourages me to push myself. I enjoy the programme she sets for me each week as it is always different, fun, I don’t get bored and she makes me do it properly! At 54 years old I feel the fittest and strongest I have ever been. I would not hesitate to recommend Claudia to anyone who is wanting to improve their fitness and health. Thanks Claudia you are awesome!
Liz F.

The toughest thing was to make the first phone call.  Now one year later I`d rate it as one of the best decisions I`ve made.
From the first introductory session I knew Claudia/Basic Orange was just right for me.  Being 43 years old, out of shape, with a dislike of gyms and a battered body from old contact sport injuries, my twice weekly sessions with Claudia have proved perfect for my physical and, just as importantly, my mental wellbeing.

Basic Orange sessions are always varied, never stale and are gradual (safety first) in their progression to meet your goals.
Claudia`s passion for physical wellbeing is infectious. Never overbearing, gently coercive but can still bring out the big stick when I`m not hitting that bag hard enough (haha)

I do 100% recommend Claudia/Basic Orange to anyone who might be considering reaching for the phone themself!
Scott A.

Quite a few years ago I was aged 56, a nana of 2, stopped smoking in April 2009 and started with Claudia in January 2011. Fast forward, (arrrr) I am now 61, (young) a nana of 3, still not smoking since April 2009 and never felt the need to start again, and I am still training with Claudia.

Had a small break but joined the mini week classes in a group. Love it - so love it. I was not sure about being in a group to begin with but hey the other 3 are a lot of fun, we laugh, we work out and we are getting fit.
The small classes that Claudia runs suit my needs very well. The cost is affordable and I have met some lovely people. Some big, some small - together we all work very hard and Claudia caters for every one's needs and abilities.

Knowing what to do in an emergency situation helped me a few years ago in Bangkok: the train was crowded and a man was pushing and shoving to get out of the train (as you do there) but in his nasty haste elbowed me in the chest.  My quick reflex (and thanks to Claudia) my left leg came straight out and I kicked him squarely out of the train door. The people in the train went mmmmm, I went mmmm and as the man came to get back in to have a go at me, the doors shut.

I could never have used my leg in the way I did without the hard work that Claudia put in to train me.

Now some 5 years later I am still fit, under 10 stone and play softball on Saturdays, I am one of the oldest in the Softball club. Hey thank you Claudia, your expert professional training turned me into a fit, still not smoking, now a Nana of 3, softball playing 61 one year old and I feel like I am 30.
Dale H.

I was a bit apprehensive about trying a mini class at first. But it turns out there was nothing to worry about. The classes are fun but challenging and you can work through the exercises at your own pace. Having other people there motivates you to push yourself. There are a variety of different exercises in each session so it never gets boring. The boxing and kickboxing are especially fun.
Megan J.

After years of shoulder dislocations and painful recoveries I was left very weak. I couldn't play with my toddler, put him in his car seat or even throw a ball because of my limited shoulder mobility. After being scheduled for shoulder surgery I came to Claudia looking for someone to strengthen my shoulders in preparation for the months of post-surgery rehab. That was 2 years ago and I cancelled the surgery.

Claudia has been fantastic in making me stronger- all over. She was very careful in increasing my shoulders strength to the point that I can do most activities without fear of dislocation. Claudia made training plans and I didn't notice that she was incrementally increasing the exercises. She never "switches off" while I'm training. She is very quick to correct any movement I make that is not benefiting my rehab. I can box, lift weights above my head and I am even swimming which I could have only dreamed of a year ago. I have lost weight as well and I feel fitter stronger and healthier. I was sick of going to physios who would rub my shoulder give me a few exercises and send me home. Claudia's exercises are specific, monitored and safe. I am very fortunate to have found her. I continue to see her twice a week to maintain a strong shoulder and improve my overall fitness.
Tarmindar M.

Claudia is a very skilled trainer. She suggests exercise routines that are individualized and challenging. After only four weeks I noticed considerable increase in my strength. The routines are different every week and not at all boring. In the short time I have been attending her personal training sessions my physical well being has definitely taken a turn for the better!
Jamie B.

I've been going to Claudia for about 5 months and I'm absolutely hooked on kick boxing! As far as I'm concerned, there's no better way to gain fitness.  Since I started my fitness, balance and flexibility have all improved immensely, not to mention my muscle tone! Claudia is a great trainer and being 70 years old myself, I feel it proves that it's never too late to start.
Judy S.

I have been training twice a week with Claudia since January and highly recommend her! I hate gyms, don't like people to see me exercising, & didn't believe i could enjoy exercising. Claudia taught me exercising can be enjoyable & doesn't need to be like a bull at a gate, that slow and steady still gets results. I love kickboxing! Claudia is very supportive, non judgmental and approachable. I really enjoy my training sessions with Claudia and I am looking to increase them to three times a week!
Sonya S.